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Redeeming Points

When you shop at any of the Welbee’s supermarkets, you will earn points that can be redeemed for various gifts vouchers.

Points can be accumulated from one or ANY combination of the eight franchised supermarkets. That is, points accumulated from each different supermarket will still be added to your loyalty card account and the total sum can be exchanged from any outlet of preference.

Fashion & Retail
Item€ 10€ 25€ 50
Eurosport1500 pts3750 pts7500 pts
Clarks2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Superdry2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Marella2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Stonefly2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Fitflop2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Upim-Croff-Blukids2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Salsa2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Sisley2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Inhouse Vouchers
Item€ 10€ 25€ 50
Crockpot inhouse voucher1500 pts3750 pts7500 pts
Braun inhouse voucher1500 pts3750 pts7500 pts
Oral B Eletric Toothbrushes Inhouse voucher1500 pts3750 pts7500 pts
Liquigas regulator1500 pts
Liquigas 12kg3500 pts
Liquigas 15kg4000 pts
Item€ 10€ 25€ 50
Crosscraft2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
AFS1500 pts3750 pts7500 pts
Bridgepoint1500 pts3750 pts7500 pts
Airmalta21 Kmile
Item€ 10
Roseberry1500 pts
Marion Mizzi1500 pts
Fuel & Carwash
Itemfuel €10carwashhand carwash
Santa Maria Service Station – Mellieha3000 pts2000 pts
MIA Petrol Station – Luqa3000 pts2000 pts
Pit Stop Service Complex – Attard3000 pts2000 pts
Paul & Rocco – Gzira3000 pts2000 pts3000 pts
Item€ 10€ 25€ 50
The Palace Hotel2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
The Victoria Hotel2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
The Saint John Hotel2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Item€ 10€ 20€ 30
Malta National Aquarium1500 pts3000 pts4500 pts
Item€ 10€ 25€ 50
Luzzu Restaurant2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Talk of Town restaurant2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Cheeky Monkey restaurant2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Penny Black Restaurant2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Copperfields Restaurant2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
The Tabloid Café2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Temptasian resturant2000 pts5000 pts10000 pts
Ocean Basket1500 pts3750 pts7500 pts
Noah’s Ark1500300045006000
Hospice Malta1500300045006000
Foodbank Lifeline1500300045006000

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