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Counter Assistant

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Counter Assistant

The counter is your little store within the shop, and you have to have the knowledge and the flair to make people come and look, ask and buy.


You will ensure perfect stock presentation. What you don’t buy the customer won’t buy either

Be creative behind the counter. You may fulfill special orders, recommend products to customers, relate ingredients to dishes and direct people to other parts of the shop

Most of the items need to be weighed and/or cut; you have to be familiar with both the systems and the tools provided.

Package everything with great care and order. Some items will be fragile, and we do not want to ruin the experience

Check the items and rotate so that your counter looks always as fresh as new

While stocking up, the assistant makes sure that the pricing is always displayed and when there are changes in the system you update the prices accordingly

Retail Marketing Ltd – TG Complex, Imriehel

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