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The way you place items on the shelf will make customers buy more. We are all here for a great customer experience and the little detail will make the biggest impact.


  • You will ensure that shelves and displays are well stocked at all times and are visually appealing
  • When placing products on the shelves, you are required to check best before and expiry dates and to place the stock that is closest to expiry at the front of the display
  • It is your responsibility to get stock from the store; when you place products from the pallets onto the shelves, you remove pallets, cardboard and other packaging and dispose of them as per shop procedure
  • While stocking up, the stacker makes sure that the pricing is always displayed and when there are changes in the system you update the prices accordingly
  • At the end of the shift or before we close the shop, you will front face the shelves. This brings products to the front of the shelf to give them the look of fullness
  • You are constantly walking the shop. This is an opportunity to greet customers, offer your knowledge and where possible upsell


  • Personality and great attitude
  • Excellent customer approach
  • Eye for detail

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